BDSM Tricked By The Slave Trader


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Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

I have one of my girls entice a broke barmaid to come to my house under the guise of a private job making lots of money. Poor down and out Brandon arrives looking hot as hell in her super shiney red leggings and a skimpy top that barely holds her tits in. I tell her all about my private card games where she can make big money by being a novelty for my male guests. All you have to do doll is get tied up and struggle so that they are distracted and make big bets losing all their money to the house. Of course Brandon sees the dollar signs in her eyes and readily agrees to give bondage a trial before the actual private card game. I sit her down on the couch and begin by binding her crossed ankles. Brandon is a bit nervous and I sooth and calm her by telling her she will soon be traveling all over the world with rich men. I add a tight crotch rope giving the sweet big eyed girl a camel toe. I continue to calm her and add more rope to her arms. She complains that the elbow rope hurts and I tell her to think of the money. Brandon smiles coyly. I just love these eager money hungry young bimbos! So easy to get them to agree to anything with the lure of cash. I tell busty Brandon to wiggle down onto the floor and I finish her off in a tight hogtie. She moans and bitches and I whip out a white cloth and cleave gag her. I pull out her big tits and grope them a bit laughing at her stupidity. Why little miss Brandon didn't you know I am a slave trader? You will be sold to the Arabs tonight my dear and on the boat tomorrow. Brandon's big eyes widen in fear and she begins to cry. Noooooo she screams into her gag. I kiss her pretty face and tell her the crew will soon be here to get her. I leave the poor helpless frightened Brandon bound, gagged sobbing and struggling.

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Duration: 12:10
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