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Monique L'Amour turns her boobs into a serving plate for a special sundae. The brunette with big boobs and a big butt announces in a purring sex kitten voice that she will make a "titty sundae."

"You look a little hungry," Monique says, naked and spreading frosting on her nipples. She sprays whipped cream on them and tops them off with sprinkles. A cherry on top completes her treat. Getting on the kitchen counter, she invites Mr. Tit-Man to have a taste.

He feasts on Monique's cream-topped cones and feeds her cock, tit for tat. While Monique is still sprawled on the countertop, he fucks her tits. They wash the remains of the sundae off Monique's body in the kitchen sink and head to the couch to fuck.

Monique sucks his wiener and his balls. "Fuck my mouth," says Monique. You love those plush sweeties who talk dirty.

Monique's fuck friend is older than she is by more than 20 years. Her big boobs, her youth, her freshness and her heat inspire him to pound the puddin' out of Monique.

Making a horny sex-face, Monique jerks the special sauce out of his nuts and all over her soft ta-tas. This gives new meaning to the term "soda jerk." Hey now, Monique did ask him to "Cream My Tits!"

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