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This poor sap thinks hes in for a very good time with the beautiful, sexy temptress who earlier picked him up at a club. Little does he know that the lady sitting beside him on the sofa is the evil, sadistic Mistress Jackie... and the only person who is going to be having a good time tonight is her. Dressed seductively is a red leather top, short black leather skirt and gorgeous black stockings, Mistress Jackie plays along with the horny fool. He sits there with a smug grin on his stupid face as she fetches a bottle of wine and begins to fill two glasses with the golden liquid. Hes far too busy lecherously fondling her curvaceous bottom to notice the tablet that she surreptitiously slips into his . As soon as it has stopped fizzing she hands him the glass and, like a lamb to the slaughter, he every last drop. As he slips into ness his captor coldly utters the chilling words, Got him! He awakes to find himself in the middle of a nightmare. Suspended naked in midair by strong ropes attached to his wrists and ankles he resembles a helpless little fly caught in a spiderweb. Mistress Jackie, now attired in gleaming black patent leather thigh-length boots with gold laces up the back, reveals her true reason for luring the sap back to her house. She has seen the disgraceful way he treats women - and she doesnt like it one little bit. So, on behalf of all the women he has wronged, shes going to show him the error of his ways. This she does firstly with a riding crop and then with her razor sharp fingernails, which she slowly down his back leaving livid red scratches in their wake. Next she reaches for a packet of innocent looking clothes pegs. Harmless enough objects, you might think - until she maliciously attaches them to his scrotum. He howls in pain but there is worse to come - as several much larger wooden pegs bite into the penis that has got him into such terrible trouble. As a finishing touch she attaches metal clamps to his nipples. Gleefully informing her victim that she wants to hear him scream, she takes up position behind him and lays into his bottom with her whip. Battered and bewildered from having been lured back to a ladys house and then ged before being cruelly tortured, a terrified man lies flat on his back on the floor, an overwhelming feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach. And he has good cause to be so afraid - for he has fallen into the clutches of the sadistic Mistress Jackie. Shes none too happy about the way he has treated women in the past and shes going to make damn sure that he never does so again. Unconvinced that he has learnt his lesson from the beating that she has earlier given him she decides that drastic measures are called for. And so the poor fool finds himself lying prostrate beneath his tormentor, the penis that has got him into this dreadful predicament now gripped between the lethal jaws of a pair of large steel croppers used for castrating bulls. He begs and pleads for mercy. Not that Mistress Jackie is about to show him any, of course. Shes having far too much fun prolonging his agony to even consider such a ridiculous notion. He screams in pain as the jaws tighten about his penis. So Mistress Jackie simply sits on his face to silence him. He writhes beneath her unable to draw breath - much to the ladys amusement. With sadistic relish she slides the metal jaws down over his penis and squeezes them around his testicles. She counts down from five. When she reaches zero. A pair of tall, beautiful Dominas, one blonde, one dark haired, stride across the concrete floor, the stiletto heels of their-thigh length boots clicking menacingly. The blonde lady stamps her booted foot down on a wooden trapdoor. As she pulls back the bolt keeping it shut a slender, nervous looking young man emerges warily into the white walled room. The aggressive, ill-tempered ladies roughly drag him across the room towards a large black desk. Ordered to polish the desk he immediately does as hes told, eyeing his captors fearfully. He then finds himself kneeling before the two women as they sit comfortably on the desk, looking down at him with undisguised contempt. The blonde lady, stunning in a lasciviously tight blue rubber dress, coldly orders him to lick her boots. Her raven-haired companion, equally breathtaking in black rubber, idly enjoys a cigarette, using his worthless mouth as an ashtray. His bootlicking way below the standard demanded, he finds himself bent over the desk being caned by one woman and cropped by the other. to lie face down on the dusty floor he writhes in agony as the statuesque blonde slowly and sadistically digs her spiked heels into his tender flesh. Bent over the desk once more he is spanked and whipped by the increasingly angry young women. A pair of incredibly demanding and ruthlessly aggressive young women put their terrified slave through hell. Why? Because they can. He has failed to clean the large black desk in the centre of the white-walled room in which he finds himself to their satisfaction and needs to be punished accordingly. Clad in shiny black rubber and thigh-length boots, his dark-haired tormentor drags him round behind the desk. Her companion, a statuesque blonde vision of icy superiority in a dazzling blue rubber dress and black patent leather thigh-high boots, pulls open a drawer in the desk and coldly orders him to place his fingers inside. Without a hint of remorse the sadistic Domina slams the drawer shut. The slave understandably shrieks in pain. Oblivious to his anguished cries the women decide to repeat the brutal process. But will he still be able to work if they break his fingers, they wonder? Pondering this for a brief moment, the blonde Goddess callously announces that if that happens hell simply have to work with his other hand instead. And so she once again heartlessly slams the drawer shut on his already aching fingers. With his screams still ringing in their ears, the ladies sit themselves comfortably on the desk. The dark haired lady orders him to light her cigarette while her blonde friend sharply tells him to lick her companions boots clean. After a while the fiery-tempered blonde punches and knees the slave onto the floor where her dark-haired friend sets about him with a crop before angrily kicking and smacking him. Wiping the desk with a filthy duster that she finds, the blonde roughly s the disgusting rag so far into his mouth that he gags on it. Still choking and coughing he is made to lick the floor clean while his blonde tormentor rests her booted feet on his back. Lying flat on his back with his legs in the air a slave has his exposed bottom harshly lashed by the imposingly tall blonde Domina standing over him. Finding a leather strap in a nearby desk drawer she viciously thrashes him with it. Without warning both she and her dark-haired companion launch a brutal assault on him, kicking him back and forth between them like a human football. Ordering him to place his hand on the floor the blonde lady callously skewers it with her steel-tipped stiletto. He screeches in agony - so she slowly and deliberately does it again. Keen to add to his awful suffering her dark-haired friend tortures his other hand in the same casually cruel manner. Bent over the desk he is held firmly in place by one woman as she roughly pulls hard on the chain attached to the collar tightly fastened around his neck. Vulnerable and helpless he is then harshly beaten by the other lady. Another vicious and completely unprovoked attack takes place with both ladies battering him with their hands and knees with terrifying ferocity. Accidentally spilling a at his feet he is to lick it up off the dusty floor before once more being bent over the desk where he is cruelly beaten with a riding crop and a Cat O Nine Tails. The fearsome femme fatales swap whips before launching yet another devastating attack on their whimpering victim. A frightened slave humbly cleans a large black desk with a duster. Ordering him to crawl under the desk his two sadistic tormentors kick and whip him with fierce aggression. They sit comfortably above the cowering wretch on the desk while the petrified slave timidly pokes his head out from the tight space hes squeezed into and licks the spiked heels of the dark-haired Domina. Dragged out from his temporary sanctuary he is made to lie flat on his back with his feet up in the air - the tender soles of which the two wicked women heartlessly whip. Viciously kicked and slapped he has his bottom thrashed with a riding crop before being made to stand facing the wall. With chilling premeditation the evil pair launch a terrifyingly brutal attack on their trembling victim, frenziedly assaulting him with their hands, feet, knees and whips. Their insatiable lust for inflicting pain still not sated they drag him round behind the desk, open a drawer and order him to place his hand inside. With obvious fear and reluctance he does as hes told - and immediately has the wooden drawer brutally slammed on his poor fingers. After lighting a cigarette for one lady he is mercilessly beaten by the other with a leather strap. Two attractive young ladies, one blonde, one brunette, are clearly far more interested in each other than the pathetic apology for a man who cowers before them. Nevertheless, theyre going to have some fun at the expense of the worthless wretch before enjoying themselves rather more intimately on the wide double bed that they are currently relaxing upon. The blonde, barefoot and bare breasted (for her friends pleasure, obviously, not the slaves) and wearing pure white jodhpurs topped with a broad black belt, playfully whacks their unfortunate victim between the legs. The brunette, clad provocatively in a black leather top, cream jodhpurs and tough-looking military-style black leather boots, observes his discomfort with amusement. the wimp to show them his feeble, shriveled manhood they laugh mockingly and poke fun at his shortcomings. But those shortcomings may well be about to become drastically shorter as the blonde brings out a lethal-looking pair of tailors shears. The slaves eyes widen in fear and horror at the sight of the oversized scissors glinting menacingly before him. He knows they could be really dangerous in the wrong hands. and boy, are they ever in the wrong hands right now! With an evil grin that makes his run cold the domineering lady repeatedly snaps them open and closed as she leans over him threateningly. Please dont hurt me, madam, he whimpers pitifully - much to the womens amusement. After ordering him to stick out his tongue as a potential target for the razor-sharp blades, the ladies turn their attention to an even more vulnerable area. him to hold up his flaccid penis they coolly inform the petrified worm of their intention to transform him into a woman. A buxom young woman, her attractive face stern and determined, her voluptuous body clad thrillingly in a tasseled black bra, a black leather skirt and knee-high black leather boots, is enjoying a day out with her slave. He certainly isnt enjoying it, of course, and he attempts to escape from the tree and boulder strewn valley. Unfortunately for him his cruel owner catches him. Swift, harsh punishment is inevitable. Lashed with her dressage whip, he is tersely ordered to lie face up on the muddy ground. Without a moments hesitation the lady tramples him underfoot, her sharp heels sinking deeply into his flesh. Kicked over onto his face he groans as she brings her full weight to bear on his back, leaving mucky footprints on his pale torso with every step. There are even worse places for her to put those high heels though - as he soon finds out. Ignoring his impassioned pleas for mercy she s her spiked heel between the reddened cheeks of his bottom. After whipping him for daring to speak without her permission the heartlessly sadistic woman makes him lick the mud and leaves from her leather boots. Delivering a brutal, rib-cracking kicking she then presses the sole of her boot down on his face and orders him to clean it with his tongue. To well and truly finish off the poor wretch she removes her skirt, sits astride his chest and roughly grabs his penis and testicles in a vice-like grip. He screeches in agony as she viciously squeezes, pulls and crushes his manhood with her powerful fingers.

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