"Sadistic Lady"

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"Sadistic Lady" is a new ILLUSTRATED novel from Dr Jane Foxx that I've just finished editing and publishing. It's available from several e-book distribution websites.

Here's an extract. I'll post some more of it if anyone likes it.


“Did you masturbate each day last week, Slave?” Sapphire questioned with her taunting mouth within three inches of James’s ear.

“No, Mistress! I never do that! You ordered me not to!” The slave replied with a tremble.

“That’s nice,” Sapphire hissed. “I like to hear such reports. Male sycophants like you should NEVER be allowed to derive any sexual pleasure. The fulfillment of enjoyable sex was meant for females ONLY! Remember that! -- It’s because women are totally superior to male sluts like you. As I’ve said before, a male is NOT to even think of sex, unless or until his mistress permits it! Your personal moment for a quick, meaningless ejaculation is not for two additional months, and then it will be accomplished in less than twenty seconds. You’ll be on your knees, right here in front of me when you do it! Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” James replied, his voice almost inaudible.

“Meanwhile,” Sapphire continued, “you are to call me on the phone everyday! I expect you to have an erection whenever I hear your voice. BUT, to make certain we have all of your ridiculous masculine emotions under rigid control, I will install one of my trusty cock cheats on you. It is a perfect chastity device for any male! It will help to keep you under total sexual restriction!”

After a brief pause for more of her sadistic laughter, Mistress Sapphire continued, “Understand, you detestable worm, I will be able to more thoroughly enjoy each of my own hot, frantic orgasms, if I know you’re personally incapable of engaging in any sexual activity yourself. YOU WANT ME TO ENJOY MY OWN PERSONAL PLEASURES, DON’T YOU?”

“Yes, Mistress,” James replied. “I’m here only for your most sublime happiness.”

“Yes!” Sapphire insisted. “And don’t you ever forget it! Do NOT attempt to take this leather cock cheat off during the coming week, or I will certainly know about it, and there will be additional hell for you to pay for any disobedience!”

Mistress Sapphire showed James the sharp metal studs on the interior flap of the black, leather, conical device. She laughed at James’s amplified concern.

Without further adieu, Sapphire expertly fitted the cock cheat to James’s semi-erect penis. A leather strap snapped tightly around the back of his scrotum to help keep it in place. Meanwhile, the flap surrounded James’s penis in a cylinder of tight leather, with the metal studs poised on the inside. Only the very tip of the slave’s penis protruded slightly from the end of the encircling leather flap. As Mistress Sapphire explained, “You will be allowed permission to pee during the coming week, but that’s all!”

Sapphire was pleased with her handiwork, and she even drew close to kiss James lightly on the cheek, as if bestowing a great honor on him. Actually, she was thinking of the pain he was to endure, even while he was away from her dungeon. A snicker of judicious elation followed Sapphire’s sticky kiss.

“Now, you piece of disgusting filth,” Sapphire told James, “whenever you manage to get one of your ridiculous erections during this week - even spontaneously - the prickling studs will be there waiting to remind you of my explicit orders to get it down AT ONCE! Your pathetic male mind might accidentally overlook my personal command, but the sharp metals studs won’t. Haha! They’ll be there to carry out my orders each and every time. - I will give you a stunning preview right now!”

A moment later, Sapphire’s slender hand gripped to squeeze on the sleeve of the leather cock cheat. James immediately went into a distressful, full-bodied grimace, causing his mistress to chuckle softly near his ear.

“There! Isn’t that nice?” Sapphire smiled, “I’m sure you get the idea. You keep that silly cock of yours DOWN, - until we speak on the phone each day. Then, I want to hear you moaning from pain as I speak to you. When I hear your sad voice, I’ll be able to enjoy myself to the maximum.”

Slave James got another gentle kiss on the cheek from his mistress. She seemed able to tolerate her slave only when administering pain and humiliation to him. It obviously energized her to be doing so. An enthralled, female spectator like Marsha Monroe could easily understand the unfolding phenomenon. Lovely Marsha was of the same sadistic persuasion as it regarded all men.

At such times Marsha Monroe noted Mistress Sapphire had a habit of squeezing at her nipples through her own clothing, or perhaps she would be seen caressing herself for a moment with her hand at her crotch. It was as if she was in the midst of a notable ecstasy as she was dispensing her cruel punishments. So it is with most sadistic female personalities!

But Sapphire was not through applying her excruciating pressures to Slave James’s mind, body, and emotions. She was just beginning!

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