BDSM Riley Jane - Trapped in Tape


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Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

He looked lke such a nice guy.That's why Riley agreed to come home with him. But now that she's trapped in his apartment she realises he has some definite plans in store for her. Her wrists have been taped behind her back leaving her helpless to prevent him from stuffing her mouth with the big squishy ball. As more tape lines itself around and around her face or opportunity to call for help is gone. There isn't anything she can do to stop him from wrapping her body in the tape pinning her arms comma locking her legs together, even taping her feet together. He's made it very clear that he intends to do some far worse things to her later this evening, so she struggles like crazy to get loose. She works her jaw feverishly and finally is able to loosen it enough so that she can spit the ball out. Unfortunately for her the man has been watching and just before it escapes your mouth he's there to Ram it back in and add even more tape. Her face is now absolutely covered from below her nose all the way to the bottom of her chin. There's no way she'll be able to get it out this time. And to ensure she won't be going anywhere he puts her on her stomach wrap tape around her feet then Yanks her head back and puts her in a tight tape hogtie. Just to make sure nothing ends up slipping or coming loose this time he raps more tape around her head. She's well and truly fucked now, or at least, she will be very soon!

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Duration: 13:05
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