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My name is Ash, and I'm a 19 year old female that slips into little space more often than not. My little age is between 4-6, and I am taken by my wonderful fiancé/Daddy of 4+ years.

I currently attend UNT, and I'm majoring in Psychology and Biochemistry, with a minor in Behavioral Science. I hope to one day attend Baylor or Rice and pursue neurology and neuroscience; I want to be a pediatric neurosurgeon :)

I'm bisexual, a Wiccan, and I work at a daycare. I play Xbox, exercise, write, read, draw, and craft in my free time.

But enough about that boring, adult stuff! >.<

Here is a "little" run down of myself:

  • I'm between 4-6
  • I love coloring in my books! I hope you like them :)
  • I only have one paci :<
  • I have a bajillion stuffies (I secretly have a favorite, but don't tell the others!)
I'm looking for LITTLE friends, or other Daddies/Mommies so my Daddy can have others to talk to. I'd prefer if you lived close to me, but I'll talk to you no matter where you are!

I want to have play dates, sleepovers, tea parties, and more!

(Please respect my relationship with Daddy, as what he says goes and if he says no, I can't go against his rules)

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