Gay Video Kyle Tears Jason Up, Bruise, Use, Bong and Bang!


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Release Year: 201
Studio: MuscleMatt

I have most certainly created another montster! This film makes Kyle a "Made Man" in The Muscle Mafia and puts him up there as one of my Hit men; his performance can't be described as anything less than a quintessential gang style slap down on Jason the cock sucker you met in #78, Cock Sucker Academy 3.

Jason's wish was 2-fold, first to meet Kyle and service him, and second to have me call out the orders on just what to do. Truth be told my job was pretty easy here, I gave the order and both guys just let what comes natural take control. The night started with dinner and drinks provided by some who sent in money for that purpose. Then back to the room to kick off the Champagne toast and make toast of Jason!
Here is how it went down, before shooting I loosened Kyle up with a shoulder massage like a fighter before his big fight, and I said, " Go get him, tear him up!" Then to Jason, a mixed martial arts fighter I said, "Brother I hope you can take a beating cause Kyle is in rare form and you are about to get your wish!" His answer, "Bring it on!" and we did, or should I say Kyle did!
The fun started with a new thing called "The Boss Bong" there was no better time or place to introduce it then here in Christmas Wish 2012 and no better men to do it with then Kyle and Jason. When you see Jason's performance in this movie, anyone after this who wants a Boss Bong has a tough act to follow, the bar was raised high by Jason, the boy should get an award at our next big event!
After our typical toast and a Boss Bong, Jason worked Kyle's size 13 feet a while, then his cock and then Kyle's ass. When Kyle was ready he tosses Jason on the bed for a 45 minute fuck session, or slam session.. rather a "Tear Tournament" of forceful fucking.
Kyle was inspired by his own power, and by my thumbs up and fist pumping behind the camera when he started slapping Jason around. Jason's sparring and training the gym fared him well because he wanted more bruises and slapping. Then, Kyle grabs Jason around the neck with one hand and eventually both hands and applies just enough pressure to make the ass pounding a little more intense, erotic and painful for him; again Jason wanted more.... a Champ, in fact I think that's what I'm going to call him from now on.. "Champ". Kyle delivered inescapable force on Jason's ass, and Jason loved every minute of it even wanting more.
When the Ordered "Mob Hit" on Jason was over, most would drop and call it a night. Not Jason, he wanted another crack at the Boss Bong and the second time around was just as impressive as the first.
This is sure to be a top seller and one of the favorites in the Christmas Wish Series, one that will be enjoyed year round, a gift that will keep on giving to our movie buyers and Kyle fans.
I suspect Jason will have a fan base of his own, you can't help but respect a dude who took all that and kept coming back for more, all you can do is keep putting him in more movies!
Have it all and have it as a specially priced bundle either for rental or lifetime The Christmas Wish Collection, all The Wishes!

Format: mp4
Duration: 54:35
Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 2051kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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