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Handsome Jasper Lee might be out on an afternoon date with his sexy significant other, but he's the kind of guy who can never turn down an opportunity to enjoy some hard cock, especially when the young man offering a warm member is as stunning as Kane Mra'z. With his uncut boner in his fist, on display for the new arrival to see, Kane entices him into the cubicle where they can really get to know each other. As their lips meet Jasper grasps the warm length of erect cock and starts stroking, his experienced fist pleasuring his new friend.

Of course, Jasper's mouth is even more experienced and as he kneels on the tiled floor before the young man he sets to work on proving it. The gorgeous young man licks and sucks the offered shaft, worshiping Kane's erection while the good-looking lad enjoys the attention and strips naked. Never one to shy away from returning the favor Kane is soon between Jasper's thighs, sucking on that stiff length with equal hunger. Anyone could walk in at any moment and catch them in the act, but the risk is part of the fun. Jasper eases his naked ass down on fit young Kane's inches, impaling himself on his new buddy's erection and riding him with determination.

The bareback pleasure only grows as they make their way to the washbasins, enjoying the sight of themselves in the mirror while Kane continues to plunder Jasper's hole, thrusting powerfully in and out of the stunning young man while their moans of pleasure echo around the room.

The feast of ass-to-mouth oral Jasper engages in, tasting his own hole on his new friend's gorgeous cock, marks only a pause in the anal pleasure, soon resumed as he rides his pal on the floor with his own erection bouncing and swinging. It's a wonder they haven't gathered an audience of masturbating men by the time they're both splashing cream over each other's faces, bringing their men's room cock loving session to a sticky close.

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