Domme seeks 24/7 female sub/slave ON CANADA

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I am a bisexual domme (who has been involved in the lifestyle for a number of years) who desires a bisexual or lesbian submissive/slave.

I will state this now, I am not looking for males as I have one that serves me above and beyond the expectations that I have set out for him.

I am a natural dominant in all of the forms in which I live, however, as with most individuals there are many layers to myself.

I am a strong believer in the energy of all living things, and I will only surround myself with those that possess positive energy and who wish to overcome the negative that interrupts our lives daily. I wear many hats when it comes to the career(s) that I have chosen, and this includes being a Reiki Master and Counselor, an Exotic Animal Specialist and Management in the restaurant industry. In time these are elements of my life that you may be a part of so you must possess the desire to learn or expand on all of the above.

I am a loving, passionate and understanding domme. However in saying that disobedience will not be tolerated. I have no tolerance for lazy individuals!! I am here to guide, nurture growth, understanding, but also to appreciate the attributes that you will offer but do so in a strict and demanding manner.

If you succeed in pleasing me, this will lead to a 24/7 relationship which means that you must be comfortable with living in a poly household, one that is located in the country, and where my loved ones reside. You MUST also be comfortable with a wide array of exotic animals and understand that I demand that my surroundings be clean, organized and upheld.

I prefer women who are younger than 35, and who take pride in their appearance. But in saying that that, what intrigues me most is ones intelligence, desires, and openness. Those that will enjoy many aspects of life with me, but nothing more than serving her domme.

I am a highly sexual, erotic, kinky and adventurous individual and you MUST be too. I am an attractive rubenesque woman and have pictures for those who are of interest to me.

If you are interested in serving me, and taking the steps required to become my submissive/slave and mine alone, contact me with details about yourself and with pictures. I expect open communication and nothing less.

Should both parties wish to proceed understand that there will be a training period after which a decision will be made whether or not you are suitable to be my submissive/slave so DO NOT request to be collared or owned immediately!!!

Being a submissive/slave or not, I feel you must have some dignity and wish to know and understand who it is that you will be serving before entering such an agreement. It is my opinion that receiving someone's submission is in fact a gift, one that is not to be abused but to be upheld. This is the key to an exchange of power relationship.

I also do not believe in receiving monetary fee's and that should be made clear too. My belief is that if you are a true domme, you are able to stand on your own two feet because that is a true sign of female supremecy. And that a submissive/slaves purpose is to quite simply...SERVE as I see fit!
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