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Updates included:
Graciee Returns - Graciee is back and this time she is working with Spades. This shoot has a different feel to it. We get a chance to learn a little more about this Pakistan descent beauty. This is also the very first time she has ever squirted. [Boy/Girl, Brunette, Busty, Cumshot, squirt]

Redd - Redd is recently discovering her wild side. She has never done a video before and wanted to explore her sexuality on film. She had fun but was not used to handling such a huge cock. Spades had fun making her squirt and fucking her tits. [BBW, big tits, Boy/Girl, Brunette, Busty, Condom, Cumshot, First Time]

Valentine - Valentine is a hot full figure woman has done a couple of girl on girl shoots. This is her first boy girl scene and she really hit it off with spades. I had to pull the camera back or her squirting would have soaked the camera. She has a great full ass and a large clit, enjoy. [Boy/Girl, Condom, Cumshot, Interracial, Squirting]

Hailey Returns Remastered - We last filmed Hailey in 2010 with Spades. She contacted us wanting work to ensure her financial stability when rent comes due. It was hot to see how much Paige fell in love with Hailey's big tits. Paige couldn't help her self and needed to suck some cock while everyone was on break. This is a remastered version which first aired 8/16/12 [BBW, big tits, Boy/Girl, Brunette, Busty, Condom, Cumshot, Milf]

Dawnelle Returns - Dawnelle is back and this time she is working with Sean. She said she hasn't been laid since December and we were happy to help with that. [Boy/Girl, Condom, Cumshot, Mature, Milf, Redhead]

Paige and Spades Remastered - Due to popular demand Paige returned to work with Spades. Though she has seen his work on the site, this is the first time they worked together. I really think she wore that boy out because she said she could keep going if we wanted her too, but after two pop shots he was pretty much done. This is a remastered of the original which first aired 8/4/12 [BBW, big tits, Boy/Girl, Busty, Condom, Cumshot, Hairy, Red Head]

Graciee Sean - Graciee is back and this time she is working with Sean. She is as beautiful and feisty as ever. She told us about how she recently attended a 30 man gangbang party in Portland while she was blind folded. She also has a firm ass and likes it spanked a lot. She didn't want him to cum on her face because she had to go to church after the shoot. [Boy/Girl, Brunette, Condom, Cumshot]

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