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Release Year: 2002
Studio: Big Blue Productions
Cast: Brad Rock, Dane Brando, Evan Taylor, Kelly Madison, Ray Stone, Tom Katt
Genres: Anal, Ass Licking, Blow Jobs, Oral, Outdoor Fucking

Director Blue Blake has taken all the best elements of his previous productions and created one of his best efforts to date. "Cowboy" is edgy, witty and produced with state-of-the-art production techniques -- and the men are on fire with lust from the first scene to the cum-splashing last. For starters, Mr. Blake introduces us to Version 2.0 of porn star Caesar -- who has gained an astonishing amount of muscle -- he's nowpetition-level and looks AMAZING.But, as always, Blue Blake incorporates a variety of types throughout, from bodybuilders to young and smooth to rugged and hairy. Dane Brando is a curly-haired pretty guy; Brad Rock is a -hung man with beautiful eyes and an even prettier butthole; Rhett O'Hara, um, another big-dicked macho man (a pattern emerges); Sal Lombardi is very muscular, very tan, and very pretty; Tom Katt is a tank of a man -- his muscles have muscles; Staten McCormack is a big moose of a man (and I mean that as apliment) with a dick almost as big as Brad Rock's; Ray Stone is a fur-all-over, sexy-all-over he-man; Kelly Madi is a natural-born sexbomb with big pink lips, gorgeous bubble-butt, and an unstoppable sex drive; and Evan Taylor looks as rugged and sexy as ever with his long dick and muscular frame.The story revolves around Caesar, the titular cowboy. He's a drifter who meanders about wearing tight jeans, a leather cowboy hat and dusty boots. He's troubled by his past, and as the first scene opens, he is being tormented in his sleep by a nightmare. The nightmare has something to do with naked men in a shower (we should all have such nightmares). He is soon awakened by Rhett O'Hara, who tries to sooth Caesar's troubled soul with an early-morning blowjob. (Beats Cheerios, I guess!) Rhett really goes to town and slurps and gobbles for a good while before Caesar inhales his mighty prick in return. They fall into a 69 before both pop off their loads. Rhett takes a post-romp nap and Caesar steals money from his wallet and splits.Later, Caesar thumbs a ride from Dane Brando, and, in one line of dialogue -- gets a job, a place to live and a lover. Dane tells Caesar that he's always had a thing for bodybuilders ever since he saw his 's mechanic jerk off. (Odd pick-up line, but it worked.) In flashback, we witness said mechanic, Sal Lombardi, tending to a car and then tending to his uncut dick for a nice jerk-off. Throughout, Sal makes great eye contact with the camera and even turns around and spreads his smooth cheeks apart to reveal a hairy crack with a very pink (and moist-looking) center. He then ejaculates, with long streams of cum jetting up his stomach.After this soul-baring confession from Dane, they drive to Dane's ranch and then we see Caesar moving big hunks of wood about the ranch. Then, after a hard day's work, Caesar and Dane have sex. Dane blows Caesar, Caesar rims Dane's hairy crack, missionary-fucks him on a big table and then sit-fucks his perky little butt on a wicker chair (and I'm surprised the chair did not collapse to the ground given Caesar's size). Caesar squirts his load on Dane's chin, and Dane dumps his on the ground.Ranch hands Tom Katt and Evan Taylor talk about their boss' new guy-toy. Tom says he is suspicious of the hulking stranger and expresses his concern. Evan accuses Tom of being jealous. That discussion, however well intentioned, is cut short as they start kissing and making out on and around a big tractor. Evan licks and sucks on Tom's nipples before sucking his dick and rimming his ass. Evan then fucks Tom in a variety of positions (most impressive is a missionary-fuck with Tom perched atop one of the tractor's big tires). After the fucking, Tom gets down on his knees and sucks Evan's long dick. Both men pop off nice cum-shots in the end. Caesar confesses his love -- and a long-held secret -- to Dane. He tells him why he has nightmares and how he was traumatized by his , and cousin. The rea for this life-altering trauma was a bathroom three-way executed expertly by Staten, Ray and Kelly, which Caesar painfully witnessed. Poor Caesar. In another flashback, Caesar describes in delicious detail what he saw one fine day. The three men are already going at it full throttle as the scene begins -- sloppy kissing, frantic groping, etc. Kelly then plops down and goes to work on Staten and Ray's big dicks, licking and sucking with all his might. Staten and Ray are just as greedy when ites to cocksucking and they basically devour each other in a non-stop deep-throat-a-thon before they all take turns rimming each other. Kelly has a smooth ass and a pink hole that Staten and Ray take turns filling with cock. They fuck him and then missionary before cumming on his face.After Caesar's confession, Dane calls the police (I won't reveal Caesar's diabolical crime here, as it's a nice, dark twist). So Blue Blake, playing a detective, turns up at the ranch to arrest Caesar, but before he can blurt out the Miranda warning, Caesar takes off -- running for his life. Blue's law enment colleague, Brad Rock, chases after the hunky criminal, and before you can say "Stop! Police!," Caesar has brokered a deal with Brad that he will let him have his way with him if he lets him escape. So Brad agrees, drops trou, and Caesar goes to work on the huge dick before him. Caesar does a great job with the big cock as well as a rim of Brad's shiny hole. Brad then fucks Caesar from behind as Caesar holds on to a ladder for dear life. The cum flies and then Caesar goes back to exact his revenge against Dane."Cowboy" is just plain hot. All of the scenes have vitality, but it's Caesar's excellent performances that really make it something special. To me, Caesar has never looked better, and this production expertly highlights his new-and-improved body. However, the shower scene -- the raunchy three-way with Staten McCormack, Ray Stone and Kelly Madi -- is pure joy. The look of pleasure on Kelly's face as Staten plunges his huge cock into his ass is priceless.The DVD version also includes a slide-show gallery, a chapter of behind-the-scenes bloopers, and trailers of previous Big Blue releases and easy-to-navigate menus (with full-motion chapters).

Format: avi
Duration: 1:58:46
Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 1129kbps
Audio: 31kbps

File size: 1.1 GB