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This is a revisit and a part 2 of a classic video of mine, Mommy's Bedtime Solution. Years later you've grown up some and we had put a stop to our taboo enjoyments but this night you can't get to bed and just have to have your mommy. You come into my room as I lay there, waking up to see you, my breast exposed from my rather small pajama top, I begin to tell you we can't do that anymore, I know we did it for many years and it was enjoyable boy, and you'll always be my baby boy, we just can't. However you aren't taking that as a final answer and take your hard cock out for me, I throw the covers over my head trying not to look and give in to temptation but its rather hard to look away, your man is gone till the morning and now that I am awake myself, I guess it wouldn't hurt to maybe stroke you until you cum, I'll even take my breasts out but as I continue to stroke you my mind wanders to other forbidden fantasies and reminiscing of our hot and intimate "bedtime solution" that I decide that maybe we should do little more, mommy has missed you, and I am feeling rather worked up now maybe one more time wouldn't hurt right? I wrap my lips around you and suck you some (POV and virtual) you've quite a nice view on mommy's booty and then her deep cleavage as I look up at you, that its time for me to get these off and let you give it too mommy like a good boy. I show you how wet I am before telling you to slide between my pussy lips and go inside mommy. The invitation is so inviting and you've wanted this for so long, your so hard, and so ready. You give it to me good, making those big tits of mommy's bounce all over the place, as I encourage you to fuck mommy, such a good boy, always be my boy, lot of loving and encourage mommy talk, I can feel you throbbing so hard inside of me but I don't want you to explode just yet, I tell you to thrust inside of me slower before I tell you to fuck me harder when I am near cumming, making mommy cum again like you once did, I soak your cock and it feels so good, not even your or anyone else could ever make me feel as good like you my baby boy, my boy. I want to make you cum but its time to give you a nice view of my booty as you give it to mommy some more, turning around and letting you slide back in, your hard and throbbing as you push deeper into me, I look back and tell you to keep going, and ask where you want to come my boy? You know the answer and you know exactly what you want, you want to cum deep inside of mommy's pussy coating my pussy with your big load of cum. At first I am not sure that's a great idea, but as the fucking continues, I realize that is exactly what mommy wants, I do want to feel your cum deep inside of me my boy, I encourage you to give it to me, cum inside of me, cum inside of mommy boy, give me the biggest load like it's our last time fucking. You explode with cum inside of me, I can feel you pulsing and filling me up good. Happy and relived, and rather tired now, I try to cup it before turning over as you watch all your cum drip down mommy's pussy, so much cum, I am so surprised not wanting to make such a mess I tell you to give me my shorts, you tease, playfully, and then after a few more drops of cum drip out, I lay back on my side, and tell you to come lay next to mommy, just make sure were up before man gets home at 9, leaving the possibility that you might just awake with a hard on for mommy again.... This video is all virtual sex, no dildo is physically shown. The first few mins of the video was shot with a different camera to get the initial part, then it was shot with a pov angle the remaining of the video with my current camera.

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:50
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 19413kbps
Audio: 126kbps

File size: 3.3 GB