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Stella vs. The Job Offer:
With a glowing resume and references, I knew Stella would be perfect for the job. Still, a proper interview is the only way to be certain. While initially she was a bit apprehensive about the of cleaning while in bondage she soon warmed up to the Having never been tied up before she didn't know what to expect. To put her at ease Stella started with a pair of legcuffs and rope bondage. Once secure a ballgag would keep her focused on the job at hand. Until this point she took everything pretty well; at least until the window opened. While cleaning windows would normally be a simple task, doing so while elbows and fingers are tied is another matter. Being bound and gagged in an open window didn't help matters either. With only 20 or so windows to clean before she's I'm sure she'll get used to it.

Lucy vs. A Surgical Bind:
Rubber will always have a special place in my heart when used to bind someone. Unlike rope and other restraints, its ability to stretch tends to tire out a sub in no time. Pull, struggle, or twist and they are right back in the original position. Lucy was able to learn of its special properties and wishing she hadn't so readily agreed to try it out. With her legs in a frogtie and arms in a boxtie, I was pleasantly surprised how well the tubing held up. Even her gag was held in place with tubing, forever pulling it deep into her mouth. Lucy does have a little luck on her side though as she discovers a defect that might hold the key to her escape!

Raven vs. The Mummy Newbie:
After seeing other mummifications on here, Raven knew she wanted to try it herself. Going for broke, only a vinyl wrap would do. Before she has a chance to change her mind, she's covered in a layer of plastic wrap. Within minutes, over a hundred feet of tape is encircling her body, every inch being compressed by the nature of vinyl. Once fully wrapped, it was obvious that it was a bit more intense than she was expecting. That was a pity for Raven, because after putting that much work into getting her wrapped, it was going to be a good long while before she was freed.

Amie vs. The Rainbow Pole:
Choosing how to tie a bondage newbie can be difficult. There's no way to know what they can handle or what they might enjoy. Amie's a good sport and willing to try anything, so I started by tying her legs and moving up her body. Before long her feet, legs, elbows, and neck are tightly cinched to the pole behind her. A bit gag doesn't keep her too quiet, but does encourage a bit of drool. Already enjoying herself, Amie is introduced to the magicwand. Her response immediately leaves no doubt that she's in love with her predicament. I don't think threatening with leaving her tied up for a few hours will have much weight.

Naomi vs. Her Balet Penance:
Naomi had one job. When asked to put away the clothes and shoes she decided to try them all on instead. Given her eagerness to sample everything it seemed fitting to use the very clothes and shoes against her. Wearing uncomfortable ballet boots she's forced to walk to the center of the room and handcuffed there. With her arms locked high above her there's nothing to do but stand in her boots. Within a minute Naomi is already desperate for but knows it won't be coming soon. Even when some pity is given she is just resecured into a new predicament. Escape won't be easy, especially when she discovers the little surprise in store.

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