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Studio: Falcon Studios

An updated retelling of the Cinderella story. Chet Roberts, an adorable twink, is Billy, a sullen lad whos constantly being used and abused by his wicked - and I do mean wicked! - steps. Trent Reed, Glenn McAllister, and Erik Houston give game performances as the trio of overindulged couch potatoes - who somehow manage to maintain tight, rippled torsos even though they appear to spend the bulk of their day lounging around, pigging out on chips and pizza.
In the opening segment, the steps are scarfing down sandwiches, but Billy doesnt have anything to eat, so the three wicked steps make him eat cock. Billy has three beautiful pricks stuffing his mouth, but the gang bang soon turns into an all out foursome as the three s gladly service each other when Billys too busy to get to them. The scene concludes with each of the three s straddling Billys torso so they can each cum on his face and chest. After the three s leave Billy unsatisfied, he jerks off to crotch soaking gusher - his face still spattered with cum.
As in the original story, the steps are invited to a party, but they make Billy stay home. The party is just crawling with studs. The first one we meet is Ty Russell, who sneaks off with Trent Reed during the party. The best part of their scene is when Reed coaxes the head of Russells cock out from under the waistband of his shorts. Reed drives him crazy with an oral prick tease before he finally goes all the way down on his bone. Russell gets his ass plowed, and then straight acting Reed returns the favor, giving up his ass to Russell. Russell fucks a nice load out of him. Then Reed puts his ass in the air so Russell can cum all over it.
The other two s are making their own fun with muscular Jake Andrews. He gets the royal treatment from the duo, who take turns fucking him and cumming on his back. Houston licks up his own spunk after he drops his load. Andrews cant believe the two guys are related when he sees them making out with each other.
Billy visits his s grave, and his truck breaks down, him to walk back home. Thats when he meets his Prince (Johnny Utah), who offers him a ride in his limousine. Utah takes Billy back to his place for a nooner. Hes got a really thick cock that stretches Billys mouth to the limit. After they fuck, Utah lends Billy a sympathetic ear when he tells him about his mean steps. But Billy has to rush off to make sure that his chores are finished. He forgets to take the necklace his dying gave him, so Utah sends his limo driver (Greg Ross) out to track Billy down.
We get some nice shots of the San Francisco cityscape as Ross goes from door to door. He eventually meets a horny bodybuilder (Tim Barnett) in Billys neighborhood. Barnett invites Ross in, and Ross gladly takes a break from his search. Barnett has the kind of handsome face that looks all the more handsome when its stuffed with a mouthful of thick cock. After they fuck, Barnett gives Ross information that leads him to the necklaces rightful owner, and the dashing Prince is able to come to Billys rescue - evicting the selfish s and taking Billy away to live with him in his fashionable San Francisco home.

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