Anxiety and Dommeing


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Hi! New poster, hopefully this hasn't been asked recently but I couldn't find it so,,, new post.

So my partner deals with PTSD and depression, and I also have clinically significant anxiety. Something that she's told me helps her is sometimes, when she shuts down, she needs me to make plans for her, tell her what we need to do, and make decisions for her. This ranges from what tv we watch to when she sleeps and eats.

I have two main questions: 1) is it okay for me to take that role when she's in that state? She's given explicit verbal consent when she's *not* in those moments but I wanted to make sure I guess?

And then, 2) I have a lot of anxiety about making decisions, and I'm still very new to dommeing in any capacity. What are some ways I can work on overcoming domme anxiety, and be a good domme while managing both my partner's mental health conditions and my own? I know communication is huge and I fully intend to keep this conversation ongoing with her, but I wanted to get the opinions of some closer-to-experts.
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