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That depends on what you mean by "around these parts"
On the internet I've had no problems getting questions answered, I find people in the BDSM/kink "field" are general very friendly and helpful, and there's always at least one person with the answer or a link to a site that would answer any of my questions, concerns etc.

Now if "around these parts" you were to say where I live, well that might be a different story.
There is a small kink group here locally that I found on the internet after pumping up my courage I contact the group and went to one of their public meetings. I though it went very well, everyone seemed friendly and shared experiences but that was the only meeting I could go to for a few months, the company I was working for was having some trouble in another city so I was asked to go over for a few months to gets things back on track. When I returned home, 7 months later what I found online with the local group is that they were fighting over stupid little things really nuts. So at that point I did not think it was a good idea to be asking them any questions or sharing experiences. I left the group and haven't returned since, been over 2 years.
I've been thinking of joining again just online for now to see how things are going now and if it would worth taking the chance to start going to public meeting again.
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