"Two for Torture"

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"Two for Torture" is an unusual Femdom/BDSM action novel co-written by myself and by John Savage from very different viewpoints.

Here's an extract that I hope you'll enjoy:

Someone took the blindfold off Simon’s eyes. He was, as he had already guessed, back in the room he thought of as the torture chamber. Monica was holding the video camera, but it looked as though she was not yet recording.

Simon was bent forward over the edge of a table, his wrists bound together and attached to the far end. His feet were on the floor, but spread widely apart by a metal bar between his ankles held in place by leather straps. He was not lying on the table. As he knew without needing to see it, Jennifer was underneath him, similarly bound but lying on her back and her feet well off the floor. She was still naked, and she whimpered in fear and discomfort.

He felt a gloved hand between his legs, pulling at his erection that lay sandwiched between his lower abdomen and Jennifer’s. He yelped in discomfort and fear of what they might be intending to do to him. There was a sharp, stinging slap on his buttocks.

“Lift your hips,†came the order. He tried, but it was not easy to move at all. “Better.â€

The pressure on the end of his erection was intense, feeling almost as if the gloved hand grasping it was intent on breaking it in half. He whined and tried to protest, and then with a grunt of satisfaction from behind him and a scream of fear and disgust from Jennifer, the pressure eased. It was only then he realized what they had done.

Brigitte was standing in front of him, at the far end of the table. He raised his head uncomfortably to look at her.

“Lucky man,†she told him. “You’re going to be the first man ever to fuck young Jennifer.â€

Jennifer was sobbing and moaning “No. Please…,†but Brigitte continued, “And each of us is going to fuck you. It’s quite appropriate, isn’t it? I’m guessing that yours is a virgin asshole?â€

Simon’s eyes focused on the artificial phallus Brigitte wore strapped between her legs. She held it in one hand and grasped the end of it with the other, rubbing her hand back and forth down its length as if masturbating.

“I hope you’re going to squeal nicely for me,†she told him. “We won’t use too much lubrication; just enough to get started.â€

“You can’t,†protested Simon, his voice already not far short of a squeal.

“I can,†declared Brigitte, “And when I’ve finished, so can Maggie and Karen and Ruth and Mel, and then Monica too if I take over the camera from her. Do let us know if you orgasm. Some men do, you know. And, of course, you have the added stimulation of our little Jennifer, don’t you? We won’t stop, of course, but it would be so nice to know when it happens.â€

It was not a particular large implement. In fact, if it had been of flesh and blood belonging to a man, any woman might well have had reason to complain at its lack of size unless he used it particularly skillfully. When it pressed between Simon’s buttocks, however, it felt enormous to him.

If Brigitte had lubricated it at all, it did not feel like it to Simon. She pulled his buttocks apart with both hands, positioned the end of the strap-on against his anal sphincter, and just pushed.

“Relax,†she suggested, “It probably won’t hurt as much.â€

Simon howled his discomfort, and the noise that came out of him when it finally forced its way into him was indeed a squeal of which any of the suidae family could have been justifiably proud. In short, he squealed like a pig.

Brigitte continued to push forward, and Simon continued to squeal. Jennifer also squealed, although hers was more a cry of dismay that of any pain. Simon, in his futile efforts to lessen the thrust of Brigitte’s artificial phallus into his backside, was quite unintentionally driving his own and very real phallus its full length into Jennifer.

Simon could move no further down and forward, and a second later Brigitte had pushed as far into him as she could, the tops of her thighs pressed hard against his buttocks. She gave a final thrust of her hips, producing another satisfying squeal from Simon and a strangled squawk from Jennifer, and then steadily began to withdraw. She did not, however, withdraw completely. At the last moment, she thrust in again, this time without any of the slow, cautious pressure she had applied as she first violated him. She rammed it home, and then nearly out, and then slammed in again.

All manner of strange noise were coming from Simon, but Brigitte had only just started. She bent forward onto Simon’s back, clasped her arms around him, and began a rapid, rhythmical thrusting back and forth with her hips. The effect on Simon was devastating, and yet something was having a very different effect on him. His breathing was coming in short, sharp gasps between the other noises he was making. His eyes were closed, screwed up in pain and humiliation, and his body was tense and straining at the unfamiliar and unwanted sensations. It came as a total shock to him when he orgasmed. Jennifer screamed.

Brigitte did not stop. She continued for several minutes until she was hot, sweating and beginning to feel tired by her efforts.

“Take over, Monica,†she ordered, pulling out rapidly.

“No…. Nooooooooo,†moaned Simon.

“Do shut up,†Brigitte reprimanded him, slapping his buttocks with the flat of her hand. “This is probably the best fuck you’ll ever have.â€


Monica and Maggie had both taken their turn, and Ruth was about to start on Simon when Brigitte shouted, “Stop!â€

“What’s up?†asked Ruth, startled.

“Quiet. Listen,†said Brigitte.

There was a silent pause, broken only by the sound of Simon’s heavy, gasping breathing, a faint whimpering from Jennifer, and an equally faint sound in the distance from somewhere outside the castle.

“A helicopter?â€

“Several, by the sound of it.â€

“Not good,†said Brigitte seriously. “Get the guns. He’ll have to wait.â€

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