BDSM Rin Does Volunteer - Part 2


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This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Eric snips away at Rin's shirt with a pair of scissors before clamping her nipples. Her elbows are tied together and then her forearms are tied to the pipe behind her. In the last episode, Dolly's hands were still free. Eric saw this and felt this was one area that could be improved upon, so he ties Rin's hands to the pipe as well. He spins Rin around a few times. This time he also adds a crotchrope, something that was missing in Dolly's tie. Rin is in need of a new gag. Eric explains how earlier they had a drawing in the office. Whoever won removed their panties and those were to be used for Rin's gag. The other female employees are happy to see Rin punished because when she messes up, it makes them all look bad. Mary and Tina are the winners today and both their panties are stuffed in Rin's mouth. It takes a while to get both pairs in, but they are both finally worked in. Clear tape makes sure they stay in.

Format: mp4
Duration: 29:12
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