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We sat on the couch and chatted while sipping wine. Karina was a little ashamed, because she cheated on her husband for the first time, but I quickly managed to calm her down and again translate the topic of conversation to the question that interested me:
- What are you screaming when he whips you if it doesn't hurt you?
- Well, he likes it so much, that's the point. And sometimes it hurts, a little bit, - Karina answered and kissed me.
And then she looked closely into my eyes and said:
- And you know, for Nikolai what we did, perhaps, is not even treason...
From what I heard, I choked a little with saliva and asked again:
- In terms of?
- Well, sex is not the main thing for him, so, just an addition to the spanking, but if you whipped me, it would be a real betrayal. Would you like to?
After asking, Karina suddenly turned around and lay on my hips with her stomach, exposing her ass on display. I didn’t even dare to ask for such a thing, but then she herself suggested. After running my palm over the delicate skin, I still noticed a couple of small bruises, probably from the last flogging. I raised my hand and clapped lightly. Karina squeaked and, twitching, said:
- I would like to... But let's do it with me, there you can choose the right instrument.
I trembled with anticipation of what was to come, and looked around in the apartment of Karina and Nikolai. The girl herself ran into the shower, and did not leave from there for 20 minutes. To pass the time, I decided to choose for now what I will smack Karina with. He opened the large cupboard she pointed to and whistled. The choice here was gorgeous, and as a completely unfamiliar person with this case, I was at a loss. There were whips, stacks, some kind of slippers, rods, special gloves with spikes. After touching several instruments, I chose a rather soft black lash with a not long tail, consisting of several thin leather ribbons, and a slightly stiffer leather stack.
Karina got out of the bath and immediately appreciated my choice:
- Do you feel sorry for me? Thanks.
She climbed onto the bed and got down on all fours, putting her back to the very edge. I could not make up my mind to strike the first blow, and then she turned her head towards me and whispered:
- Come on, punish me for being such a whore.
There was no need to ask me anymore, this one phrase turned me on so that I immediately swung and after a moment the tail of the whip landed on Karin’s buttocks. She jerked all over and bit her lip. It was just great, I swung again. The blows rained down one after another, and became stronger and stronger, however, only faint pink stripes remained on the bottom of them. But the neighbour was already squealing and moaning at the top of her voice. After especially hard blows, she began to twist her ass, as if she was trying to dodge the whip. However, I still hit, and then threw the whip aside and grabbed the stack. Karina screamed in earnest from the blow, and I realized that I needed to hit easier.
Sometimes I stopped and started stroking and squeezing the pinkish backside and during one of these breaks I spread my buttocks apart and almost licked my lips, looking at the compressed knot of the hole. Here's how I would still like to punish her, but I was really dreaming about it. Letting go of the halves of the priests, I again took up the stack and hit clearly between the buttocks, where there was the most delicate skin, Karina screamed:
- Hey! I see you learn fast. Come on, whip your slut.
I again began to strike without stopping, and at some point I got so carried away that, swinging strongly, I hit the tip of the stack right on Karina's pussy. She screamed and fell on her stomach on the bed, tears sparkled in her hurt eyes, I realized that I had overdone it. I immediately rushed to the girl and began to apologize, and I did this, hugging her ass and showering her injured pussy with kisses. I squeezed a pea of the clitoris with my lips and began to suck, Karina immediately squeaked with pleasure. Feeling the taste of a female body on my tongue, I continued to lick, in spite of the fact that the neighbour had clearly calmed down after my unsuccessful blow, it was painfully pleasant to caress this lick hot from the spanking. I penetrate the hole with my tongue and feel how the vaginal walls react to my invasion.
But I was not going to stop, I already just fucked Karina with my tongue, sometimes being distracted by her clitoris, and in response, she bent to the limit and spread her legs so that it was more comfortable for me. Feeling that the girl was at the limit, I left alone her dripping lubricant hole and concentrated my attention on the clitoris. He began to gently trace his tongue, climbing into the smallest folds, and then very easily licked the very tip. Karina screamed, and I felt a shiver run through her body, which began to grow rapidly, turning into a real thrill. I completely covered the adorable girl next door with my mouth and felt with great pleasure how she was experiencing an orgasm. Even a little splashed into her mouth, it looks like Karina felt very good.
I didn't remove my tongue from my pussy until the girl was completely quiet after orgasm, and when I pulled back, I looked at the stack. I didn't want to whip her anymore...
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