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Here I would like to start a story and have anyone who wishes to do so add anything they feel will carry the story forward..........

Here you go.......*******

He drags me over to the front stairs. Sitting on one step, he looks at me, then at my jeans.

Taking the brush from my hand, he points to the ground.

Shit! I bet everyone is watching! I lower my jeans and panties and he pulls me across his lap, raising my t-shirt and settling me into position.

I feel something cold and wet touch my lower back.

"Let's see if we can get a color match."

With maroon?

He sets down the brush and starts. No warmup today, his hand moves fast and furious. Tears quickly come to my eyes and I'm sobbing by the time he stops.

"Hrm, not quite."

He starts again as I kick and cry. He has been spanking me now for about five minutes, and I have already begun to cry out loudly. I quickly pretended tears when he first starting spanking me, convinced he would take pity on me once I started crying, but I swiftly realized that tears had no effect.

"Owww!!! No!!!!"

I think of the open window, always left open so the neighbors can hear, part of my punishment is that the neighbors must hear. I know that the neighbors will hear me howling, and tomorrow they will stare at me, wanting to know everything that happened.

Again he stops. "Close enough."

He stands me up and wipes my tears as I pull up my pants.

Then he hands me the brush.
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