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Here's the humiliation story of Tony Jack...

Tony Jack is a 22 year old young man. He is working hard on his job and has no time for himself.. almost no time. He is single and cannot find time to create a relationship, since he is working to pay his appartment and studies. He finds himself really horny sometimes... He likes the Idea of being humiliated.. of being helpless.. of being abused.. He is a kind of submissive man... really submissive.

Some nights.. after a hard day at work, he finds himself horny.. and the only thing he has to make himself horny is.. himself.. That's how he was introduced to bondage.. He liked tying himself up.. he liked to look at himself helpless... He even tried to insert round objects into his ass to make himself feel even more helpless and humiliated... He discovered that he needed lubricant.. because it was so tight there... He inserted the objects.. and tied himself up.. and did so.. during some nights.. Those were crazy nights.. How great it would have been to have someone to master him during those submissive nights!

All this BDSM was making him feel disconnected from his work..Maybe one day he'll be able to live by himself and have time for creating a relationship.. but that's how things are.. He really was into Self Bondage.

So one particular dark summer night.. he was watching himself in the mirror, after the shower and before going to bed... He always sleeps naked, because it makes him feel more humiliated.. and during summer, he puts no blankets or cover. Just his naked body exposed to the fresh air of the night.Looking at him, he tought about his body.. thin shaped, 6,1 Ft tall, brown short hair, few hairs on the chest.. and some in the private parts.. Maybe he should shave it all. that would make him feel even more submissive. He slowly caressed his body.. his penis and balls..he thought lets remove those hairs there.. so it feels smooth.. he caressed between his legs...That made him shiver...

Sometimes he would think about how would he feel if hiis masculine body was exposed to everyone, without any cover.. He always felt that little tilt when he was in locker rooms and changing himself... Of course nothing serious there because it is common for people to be naked.. but he tought of a situation of being naked with fully clothed strangers.. on an humiliation purpose, like if a master obliged him to disrobe and to caress himself, that would be crazy.

That particular night, he was thinking about this. He was really good at self bondage.. as I am! He decided to be obligated to show his body off. He of course did not wanted this to be public.. it was just between him and his Master... Who was his master? It was him.. he was just doing self Bondage and has a great imagination...

So he decided to go to the woods.. his master obliges him to go there.. His only apparel: A pair of shorts (without underwear) and a T-shirt. He was barefoot.. So he quickly grabbed, still naked, the clothes in question, and put them on. He felt the texture of the shorts on his genitals and found that exciting.. because he was without underwear... He felt really naked there.. He started getting really excited by this. He also took a chain and a key locked padlock.. what was that for? you will soon know..

He walked about 10 minutes to the woods, and unlocked the locker.. He found a place where the woods were separated by an enlightened street, and let the key there, on the ground... under some leaves. He went on the opposite direction in the woods, and walked for about 15 minutes.. oh his heart was beating fast.. he was going to humiliate himself. He chose a tree.. and removed the two articles of clothing he had. He passed the chain through the clothing, and passed it around the tree.. it was impossible to remove the clothing from there unless the chain was removed from the holes of the he was there, shivering from the wind, and his heart beating so fast because he was completely naked in the woods, completely exposed and completely helpless. He would have to walk 15 minutes, and then cross an enlightened street, with only his hands to cover his penis and his buttocks, his most private parts, to get the key.. Now..does he locks it..Thats crazy... CLICK, it was locked.. He was now totally at the mercy of anyone..oh my god.. he caressed himself.. his heart was so fast.. he could feel the cold wind on his buttocks.. what a great feeling.. He felt that all his senses were multiplicated by 10. He finally had an orgasm, after having thought about the situation and stroked himself there. Oh.. he was naked there.. and impossible to remove the clothing from the tree.. he had to walk... and the light was going to reveal him.. but nobody's there.. its 1 AM.. let's hope nobody's there!
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