BDSM Gorgeous Carmen Valentina Desperately Runs Through The Woods


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Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

We rarely get visitors in the rural wooded area where we reside and it was a surprise when the doorbell rang. My husband opens the door to a gorgeous curvy young woman is a skin tight skimpy mini dress. The beauty Carmen Valentina is distraught because her car engine choked up and she can't get it started. She couldn't get cell service in our remote area, so she asks to use our landline. Instead, Jim Hunter offers to help and goes to get jumping cables. Carmen sits on the couch and I get her a glass of water. Of course, I've the dumb beautiful bimbo and soon her eyes roll back in her head and she's out cold. We have lots of plans for this beauty and we bring her to the garage. Jim's tied her arms back in a box tie and a chest harness with lots of ropes. I tell him to also bind her legs, but there are no more ropes in the garage, so he goes to the store to get some. Make sure you keep an eye on her he tells me, but I am tired and decide to take a nap while our prey is still very woozy and dazed. Carmen wakes up and immediately understands what is happening. She begins to panic and make a run for it while she's alone. Carmen struggles and tries so hard to loosen the knots of her bondage, but her efforts are useless. She manages to stand up and she makes her way to the door looking for a way to escape. Carmen is unable to get the front door open, but she manages to open the back doors and she flees outside running down the alleyway. The gate is locked and Carmen bumps and kicks at the locked panel until it opens. She takes off into the woods running for a long, long time with her arms massively tied. Helpless Carmen leans into a tree and tries to rub the knots loose, but it doesn't work. She sobs and keeps looking behind her as she flees. Carmen's terror builds when everything looks the same and she can't find a way out of the woods. She sobs and cries and starts to get breathless and tired as she runs and runs and runs through the woods. She whispers to herself in despair because she is unable to understand where she is and where to go, but she doesn't call out for help because she fears her captors may hear her. After a long, long time Carmen is exhausted and as she moves about in the forest I find her. I come up behind her startling the poor thing and silence the pretty girl's cries with a hand over mouth. I xxx her to her knees and we shove a ballgag into her mouth and wrap many layers of duct tape around her head. Carmen's big eyes are wide with fear and she begs for mercy. I call out to my husband and he ties her legs with lots of rope from her thick thighs to her crossed ankles. He rolls her onto her belly and joins her ankles to her wrists in a tight hogtie. She sobs with the painful bondage. You dumb girl, if you stayed with us you would have money and your car would be fixed. Now you will stay helplessly bound all night in the woods with wild animals and snakes crawling around you. We will be back tomorrow darlin' but for now it is lights out for you. He wraps a tight blindfold around her eyes and our captive prey is left alone in the woods brutally bound and scared out of her mind.

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Duration: 28:04
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