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This is a story I wrote for a role playing group that basis it’s play off of the Harry Potter universe, only the adult characters mind you. I don’t think it’s that hard core really, but thought I ought to post it and see what others think anyway.


Stepping into the room Regulus tossed his jacket over the near by chair, as he started to speak. “I’m sorry I wasn't back sooner, the meeting went way lo...†A pause as he looked to Sera, his lazy calm vanishing. A look of surprise over her small outfit, his eyes focusing on the light blue tight fitting corset that pressed the top of her breasts up over the edge. His eyes trailing down over her long matching gloves to the small pair of blue panties she had on.

Her tall boots making a soft clicking sound on the hardwood floor in time with the sound that the short deer skin flogger made as she slapped it into her hand softly, the little whip catching his interest the most. “I've been waiting for you for over an hour past when you said you'd be home...â€

“I... it was- you see Daemon...†Fumbling over his words now for a few moments as he glanced back to the door, falling silent when she placed a finger to his lips.

“Shhh...†Shaking her head slowly she turned, walking a few steps away from him, stopping in the middle of the room and looking him over with a smirk. “Take off your clothes.†Pausing for a moment she gave a little glare. “Now!â€

Jumping slightly at her sudden command he started to tug at the buttons of his shirt, shrugging it off and letting it drop to the floor as he kicked off his shoes. Working on his belt next he fumbled with it for a moment before finally getting it undone. A glance up at the werewolf, seeing her looking as if she was annoyed and bored he quickly continued. Pushing off his pants and kicking them to the side he looked back up in question as she started to walk over to him.

Walking slowly around him she started to step around, not saying or doing anything until she got behind him, and a sudden sharp flick of the short whip to his still covered backside. “I didn't say you could keep any clothing on.â€

“I'm sorry.†Saying this quickly, but another flinch away as she hit him again.

“Madam.†Correcting him with smirk as she started to walk around to stand in front of him again, watching as he pushed down his shorts and added them to the pile of clothing. Letting the ends of her whip brush over his hard erection as it was freed. “Already so eager and ready for me?†Her eyes focusing back on his face now as she took a few steps back, motioning with her free hand for him to come closer to her. “I have a gift for you...†Reaching for the table she grabbed up a thick leather collar, waiting until he stopped in front of her. “On your knees.â€

Kneeling down as he was told in front of Sera, he leaned his head back as she slipped the collar around his neck, pulling it tight, and reaching to the table to pick up a leash as she attached it to the loop of the collar. “You were supposed to be home an hour ago...†Giving a little tug on the leash when he opened his mouth to speak. “Quiet, I did not give you permission to speak. I was expecting you an hour ago, and you made me wait sitting here, alone, thinking of you and all of the things we could have been doing together.†Starting to walk towards the bed, she gave a light tug on the collar, and a smirk as he already got the idea to crawl instead of try to walk. “Good puppy... so much better then your brother.†A look back to him when she stopped at the bed, sitting down she reached out to run a hand threw his hair for a moment. Grasping his hair and a tug as she pulled him closer. “I've been thinking about you for an hour... you will take care of that before we even start on your punishment.†A little flick of the whip at his fingers when he started to reach for her. “Puppies only use their mouths.†Smirking even more as he tentatively leaned in carefully bitting at the material of her panties to pull them out of the way.

Finding from how wet the material, and her skin was, that she hadn't been lying about what she had been thinking about. Drawing his tongue out over her warm wet center to taste her, making her moan deeply, pulling him closer to her. Pushing into her he swayed his tongue back and forth deep inside of her before pulling out and flicking across her clitoris. Placing a soft kiss against the hard nub before sucking it into his mouth, twisting his tongue around it and another suck before letting go of it and licking over it playfully again.

“You better clean up every last drop.†Giving him this warning as she bit back another soft moan, already being so close, and knowing it wouldn't take long at all.

Moving away from her clitoris he pushed his tongue back inside of her licking hard and fast as he licked over her, only gaining more from her as he hungrily lapped up her juices.

Leaning her head back as she felt his tongue press in side of her, shifting her hips against him every time he wiggled his tongue around. “Make me come- now!†Giving him the command threw her chorus of moans she pressed her eyes shut, and pulled him closer as he started to attack her clitoris once more. Sucking it into his mouth and playing with it with his tongue.

Feeling her start to spasm under his touch he grinned around her, staying where he was for a few moments before slowly drawing his tongue away. Tracing it down her and forcing back inside of her, feeling her twitching and shivering as he continued to eagerly lick at her wet center.

Blinking slowly as she started to come around from the orgasm, letting go of his hair as she forced him away from where he was eagerly licking with the solid end of the whip, the hand in his hair helping to push him back. “That's a good puppy...†Pausing for a moment as she looked him over, tugging on the leash to get him to sit up straighter so she could see his hard length, her free hand moving down to push her clothes back in place. Picking up the whip again once this was done she let the ends of the leather trace over his erection as she watched it for a few moments. “What do you think would be a fitting punishment for a bad puppy that doesn't come home when he's told?†Giving the whip a little flick against his penis, but only letting the very ends actually hit his skin, but still getting a very satisfying yelp from him as he almost tried to pull away, giving him another harder hit when he did that.

“I... I don't know... Maybe a few more hits with your whip and I shouldn't forget to come home on time again?†Watching her think over his suggestion as she continued to drag the whip up and down his hard length.

“Hmmm... and where would my puppy like me to hit him?†Offering him another hit, this time aiming it lower the ends of the whip connecting with his testicles making him make a sound that was a mix between a moan and a yelp now.

“Right... right there...†His words being accented oddly as she gave him another hard flick of the whip in the middle of his words.

“You want me to keep whipping your penis?†Smirking as she gave him another softer hit.

“Yes... please-†Being cut off by another hit that made him whimper softly. “Please keep whipping it.â€

Giggling softly she traced the whip along his shaft a few more times before offering him another hit, harder then the last few, seeing that he had to force himself not to jump. “I think puppy is enjoying this to much... I think you like having me hit you there. Say it puppy, tell me what you like.â€

“I like it, when you hit me there.†Feeling the hard tug on his neck as well as the simultaneous hit to his scrotum he winced slightly. “I like when you hit my penis.â€

“Then it isn't much of a punishment is it?†Frowning at this she continued to trace the ends of the whip over him as she pretended to think of a better way to torture him. Without warning she pulled away, getting to her feet and tugging on the leash as she nodded to the bed. “Get up there, on your hands and knees.â€

Moving up onto the bed he glanced over to her as he moved to the center, looking away only when he saw her grab up her wand and point it at him. Heavy magical ropes twisting their way around his ankles to keep him in place, his legs getting spread further apart then where he originally placed them. Feeling her move onto the bed he moaned softly as she slipped a hand between his legs, cupping his balls.

“Now... what punishment will make my puppy really learn his place?†Letting go of him she moved around to his side, laying down next to him as she slipped a hand under one of the pillows. Dragging out a penis shaped toy she watched for his reaction, knowing that he would be both unsure about the idea, but always willing to be forced into something. Looking it over for a moment as she brought it down between her legs, a smirk as this seemed to give him a false sense of security. “Don't move an inch...†Giving him this warning as she pushed her panties to the side, running the head of the fake penis along her wet folds before slowly pushing it into herself.

A loud moan as she clamped down around the hard length, feeling the fake ripples and folds of the cock give her extra ordinary sensations. Pushing it all the way inside of her she started to move it quickly, spreading her legs a bit wider for him to see as she grinded her hips down in time with the hard fast thrust of the toy. Being more then willing to make noise as she moaned loudly in time with her hand and the soft thwacking of the head board against the wall. “God Regulus... oh puppy... yes!â€

(continued in a reply as the story is to long to post all at once)
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part 2

Feeling herself start to get near to the edge of another orgasm she started to reach down with her free hand but instead grabbed for his. Forcing his hand down between her legs, she opened her mouth and moaned again as he started to rub his fingers over her swollen clitoris. Reaching for his hair she tangled her fingers into his thick locks as she pulled him down closer to her ignoring how off balance this made him as she dragged him into a kiss. Pushing her tongue into his mouth as they fought with each other over dominance. Arching her hips up as she felt another rush of pleasure come over her, twisting around under his touch as he moved his hand away from her clitoris and to the toy now, taking over for her as he slid it hard and fast in and out of her well she twisted around under him.

Letting go of his hair she smirked up at him, feeling the hard toy slid in and out of her, but making sure to ignore it no matter how fast and har he was pushing it, much deeper then she had. “Now... fuck yourself with it.†Watching as a little worried look crossed his face, feeling the hesitation in his movements below well, making her smirk. Sitting up she grabbed his wrist, in turn pulling the toy out of herself an pushing his hand away from her. “Now! Before I find something bigger, harder and dry for you to use.â€

“Yes Madam...†Trailing off as he balanced himself oddly with one hand, not being able to sit up very well with his legs spread as they were. Reaching behind himself as he pressed the slick toy against his tight opening, trying to relax as he rubbed it against himself before pushing the head of it inside. Glancing over to her he tried to silently question if he had to continue, even with the way he was enjoying having her watch him do this to himself as he slowly let the thick shaft slid inside of him.

Looking back to him with a curious look she moved to sit up, stretching her arms up over her head as she watched him. “I said, fuck yourself with it... if you can't carry out your own punishments then I wont let you be in charge of them.†Starting to make a move for him and a smirk as he reluctantly started to push the toy in and out of himself. “Harder...†Saying the command and a smirk as she watched him move it a little faster and deeper. Leaning in closer to him, she licked the rim of his ear before whispering to him. “You will fuck yourself with that, as hard as you fucked me with it. And you will enjoy every thrust. Don't start trying to act like you don't...†Reaching under him she slipped her fingers around his own straining cock. “Don't try and act like you don't like it when you're so hard, we both know you're only embarrassed that I'm seeing how much of a perverted little puppy you are, and not because you have to fuck yourself. You wouldn't be pushing your hips into it, or having your cock twitching so much... so ready to come. Don't you dare come yet.†Letting go of his erection now as she watched him move the toy harder and faster into himself, his moans and whimpers being bitten back mostly and she reached out to him again, stroking the side of his face. “I want to hear every moan, I want the whole house to hear how much of a horny little puppy you are.â€

Giving into her commands as he parted his lips, moaning out loud and seeming to not notice when she moved off of the bed. A hint of a look back to her when she returned, and a yelp as he felt the sudden very cold ice press against the under side of his penis.

“I didn't tell you to stop fucking yourself pet...†Saying this calmly as she ran the ice along his whole length, smirking as her only slight body heat and his total lack of heat made the ice take much longer to melt then usual. Slipping the cube into her mouth as she moved under him on the bed, her cold tongue drawing circles around the head of his cock before she brought most of him past her lips. Smirking around him as he called out a little, feeling him twitch at the icy cold, but still remaining hard.

Making sure he kept moving the toy inside of himself, she grinned as she pulled back from his hard length as she moved lower. Running her tongue along the ice to make sure it stayed cold before darting it out over one side of his sac and then the other giggling as he became tense every time, making the toy get more resistance as well and making him moan louder. “Is my puppy starting to learn his lesson now?â€

“Yes Madam...†Just barely being able to mumble his words as he jumped again as she took his head into her cold mouth again, rubbing the sensitive skin against the cube of ice.

Drawing back, she slipped the cube out of her mouth, running it along his length as she moved out from under him. “And will puppy ever come home late again?â€

“No Madam.†Saying this quickly but with a whimper as she slowly traced the cube over his length and then down, covering the whole area with the icy touch. “Please...â€

“What is it puppy?†Reaching out a hand to stroke his hair softly and a smirk.

“Please I need to come.†Finishing with another whimper as she kept the ice still for a few moments over the head of his cock before finally pulling it away.

“I don't think you're understanding what punishment is supposed to be... this is not for your enjoyment.†Moving away from his side she slipped up behind him now, shoving his hand away from the toy as she took hold of it giving him a few long hard trusts, deeper then he had been willing to do to himself. Smirking at the loud yelps that came from him. Pulling the toy out again she took the ice that was only half gone, running it against his tight opening for a few moments as she cast another spell on the toy with her wand, making it just as cold as the ice and harder. Bringing it back to his opening she forced it into him, not giving him any chance to adjust to the feeling as she forced the hard cold length into him, being sure that it hit just the right spot inside to make him moan despite how much he didn't want to enjoy the feeling. “Sit up.†Not really giving him time to do so on his own as she forced the toy as deeply into him as it would go, a quick spell being cast to keep it there, as she reached up with her other hand, grabbing his hair and tugging him up to be keeling.

“I think I found a better punishment for my puppy... one he will actually not enjoy so much.†Smirking as she said this she made the magical ropes that were keeping his legs in place vanish. Moving from the bed she grabbed the leash, dragging him along with her and forcing back the grin when he had a hard time getting down from the bed, his balance being off. Pausing for a moment as she glanced back at him, and how he seemed to be glad that he was forced to stay on all fours. “You can walk on your feet for now puppy... come over here and stand still for me.†Smirking as he got to his feet, not being very steady as he followed her to where she wanted him, making sure to have it be as far away from the bed as she could force him to walk.

“I want you to stand perfectly still for me, your hands behind your back.†Drawing her wand again this time to make robes circle tightly around his wrists and arms to hold them still, another flick of her wand to make a black silk blindfold cover over his eyes. Letting the leash drop as she walked over to the table again, grabbing up a few different items and smirking over them as she made her way back.

Setting the items down on the chair next to where she had him stand she kneeled down on the floor in front of him. Placing the unique T shaped spreader bar at his feet as she attached a cuff to either ankle, watching as she carefully forced it open spreading his legs wide, and making him have to focus on his balance even more. Taking the bar that came up from the middle now she started to extend it up between his legs, a little smirk at the thick smooth toy that was at the end of the bar that came up. Stopping only long enough to pull out the hard cold toy from inside of him, tossing it to the floor as she continued to raise the bar, pressing the tip of the toy against him. Giving him only a few moments to realize that he was going to be entered once more before pushing it inside as deeply as she could. Raising the bar slowly now click after click as she watched him strain against the restraints on his feet to stand up as strait as he could.

Seeming to be satisfied with how she had him for the moment Sera pulled back now, moving to her feet as she looked over how she had him, drawing the tips of her fingers over his hard length. “Now... I hope you’re starting to really understand what you should and shouldn’t do? Or do I need to leave you standing here for an hour to think about it on your own?â€

“Please Madam, I’m sorry, it wont happen again.†Whimpering out the words softly as he forced himself to stay still, wanting to try and move in some way away from how she had him but knowing it was pointless both to try and get away to something more comfortable, and to do so without her getting upset.

Reaching for her little whip again as she gave him another hard flick of the leather to his erection, before rubbing it along the underside of his shaft. “I think that this time I’m going to allow you to come… but if I have to punish you again for this, you will be waiting for a very long time…†Pausing for a moment as she drew away from him, watching as he stood unaware of anything as she moved silently about the room. Setting down the whip on the table she grabbed up one more small item in exchange, looking him over for a few moments before starting back.

(continued again in another reply )
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part 3, the end

Not able to keep from shifting around just a little from how he was standing Regulus gave a soft moan as he continued to feel the toy inside of him shift against him as he moved. Whimpering softly at the pressure that was just enough to keep him extremely aroused, but not enough to get him anywhere near to coming. Feeling Sera’s finger’s circle around his straining erection he bucked into her hand without thinking, moaning deeply as he lost his balance slightly, coming down from the tips of his toes and feeling the toy fill him just a bit to deeply.

“Puppy, you know better then to do that… you’re only going to hurt yourself if you keep moving around when I tell you not to.†Saying this calmly as she took the thin toy she had and pressed it against the tip of his penis, the faint vibrations making him clearly have even more trouble staying still. Smirking to herself she made the toy die down to the lowest amount she could as she slid the very tip of it against and into the small opening.

Being careful to go slowly, knowing that she wasn’t causing him any real pain, only that slight uncomfortable pleasure that was making him make those perfect noises, his mouth almost constantly open now. Getting the short toy in as far as she could she smirked up at him as she started to turn it back on, the vibrations getting far more intense then he could handle without starting to call out, begging incoherently for both release as well as for her to stop at the same time.

Looking up at him with a smirk, but making sure her voice sounded harsh. “You brought this on yourself, you didn’t do as you were told, and then when I actually allow you the chance to come you start whining that you don’t want me to let you.†Turning the toy up all the way and smirking all the more as he whimpered again, tugging against the ropes that kept his hands behind his back. “Now… be a good puppy…†Leaning down she licked slowly along his length, not putting much pressure against him however as she let the toy bring him slowly to his orgasm.

Pulling back after a moment as she watched him shift and twitch more and more, his moans and whimpers starting to get loud enough that she was sure that it would draw at least a little attention. “Come on puppy… I’m giving you this one chance, you aren’t going to disappoint me and not come are you?†Knowing full well how she timed it as she watched him fall still for a few seconds, getting silent as well before a little rush of activity as he came hard. The ‘Oh Merlin’ and his thrusting despite how it caused him the known discomfort making her know that he finally was driven over the edge.

Keeping the toy in place for a few seconds longer until she was sure he was fully over his high she slipped it out carefully. Taking the pressure off of the bar as well as she unclasped his ankles, trailing her hands up his legs as she moved to her feet, her fingers playing across his stomach and chest. Slowly making her way to the blind fold, closing her lips over his as she removed the soft material from over his eyes. “I think I’ll let you sleep on the bed tonight… you’ve been a good puppy.â€
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