sissyfag and slaveslut

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I, the undersigned

Dr. Guenter Hofmeister,

Retired business executive, born on July 25, 1947 in Pforzheim Germany and living at Am Steinkreuz 12 in D-55452 Laubenheim, certify that I am 76 years old, that I am not physically or mentally impaired, I know what I am doing and I offer this SLAVE CONTRACT available for download in my cloud

This SLAVE CONTRACT has been drafted by myself following my own initiative, without that somebody else has been involved or has directed me to do so. I have done that because I am a sissyfag and wannabe slaveslut who craves to get dominated and humiliated, completely at the mercy of my OWNER and out of control as to what will happen to me.

Hence, I hope that a relentless and ruthless MISTRESS takes over charge and forces me into unlimited obedience as long as She wishes and to serve Her in any way She likes! I want Her to humiliate me beyond all means in front of others, to transfer me into a servile sissyslave with no way out, and to force me further and further down the road to sissification, forced feminization, and forced bisexual submission as a sissyfag and slaveslut.

I hope that this MISTRESS will undertake to act as OWNER according to this SLAVE CONTRACT, and that She will turn my so far secret wishes into life. I want Her to keep me belted and nude in heavy chains with a steel punishment collar around my neck, imprisoned in a dungeon and locked to the wall or kept for ages in uncomfortable cages. What I understand best is fear and pain, mixed with more degradation than I could ever have thought possible!

I want Her to motivate me with the cattle prod to do my best and yet punish, whip, and torture me cruelly without mercy, with or without reason. I appeal to the MISTRESS to punish, cane, and torture me most severely unless I comply with any rule set and prove evidence of complete performance within the deadline set for any order given. I appeal to the MISTRESS to make me suffer until I am willing to perform any duty, no matter how degrading, no matter how painful!

There shall be no safeword for me since that would provide me with the ability to stop the MISTRESS in dominating me, but there shall be no such opportunity for me. As a slave I shall be under total control of the MISTRESS, thus have no choice to refuse any service to Her.

I specifically desire and authorise the MISTRESS to use force to compel my obedience, using any means at Her disposal, including extreme torture, most severe whippings and canings, and other strict punishment. I want and even plea the OWNER to punish any sign of disobedience or lack of readiness for action immediately most severely. Even the slightest hesitation, the slightest misbehaviour, the slightest violation of any rule shall be subject to most severe punishment! I must know that if I object to an order or break a rule, I will be subject to most brutal torture which will not stop until I comply with every whim of the OWNER. I want and even plea Her neither to tolerate the smallest negligence nor any excuses, but make life hell for me!

I do want punishments to hurt and accept that whippings may leave long lasting marks on my body. The MISTRESS may punish me either for a lapse in my behaviour, for a completely arbitrary reason, or just for Her enjoyment, amusement, or gratification. What I understand best is fear and pain, mixed with more degradation than I could ever have thought possible!

All sissies are sluts and faggots that must be exposed, shared, and objectified in order to allow everyone to gain power over the slut and make use of him. Therefore, I hereby execute an unlimited Model Release in favour of the MISTRESS as OWNER covering all photos, video clips, and other recordings of me of any kind. On all such photos, video clips, and other recordings my face shall be clearly recognizable and my full name, address, and contact information shall be on display. I consent without any condition that all such material shall be copied, posted, and spread for any type of purpose on any website or at any other place by the MISTRESS or by whoever so wishes.

I am well aware that once information on a sissyfag is uploaded to the net there is no going back! I am well aware that all such material may be quickly downloaded by other viewers who in turn will download and save all material to their computers, share it with others, and repost it on other sites. And I am well aware that the exposure cannot be undone! I fully understand that following this Model Release my reputation might get permanently destroyed, and that once such photos and details of my person are made available on the net, my decision cannot be reversed again.

With this SLAVE CONTRACT in hands any OWNER has already more than sufficient material to bring me to heel and it is easy to get more. A search the net for gunnarsub and my name would do to trace additional information including all my details.

I specifically desire to be placed in a position where I CANNOT change my mind again. I specifically request and authorise the OWNER, not only to ignore and of course deny anything I may say or do what might in any way be considered a refusal or retraction on my part, but in the opposite to punish and torture me brutally for any such attempt.

This as of August 6, 2023 duly signed

(Dr. Guenter Hofmeister)
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