BDSM Adv of O-girl and Nylonika - Obsession - Chapter 9-11


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After an hour of struggling in Lady Lovelace's fiendish sensi-suit, Nylonika's nerve endings are completely raw and every movement is now agony. She still struggles valiantly, but there is no hope - just in the nick of time, O-girl (Christina Carter) arrives to save her. Now informed that Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight) is behind the Apparel Obsessia (AO) girl's demise, O-girl and Nylonika (Kendra James) split up.
Nylonika heads over to AO, while O-girl heads to a stocking factory to follow up on the strange stocking she analyzed in the O-lab. Chastity (Danielle Trixie) calls Lady Lovelace to inform her that Nylonika is still alive and is about to recover the deleted shoot logs that show the last movments of the and missing models. Lady Lovelace calms her down and tells Chastity to make sure that Nylonika finds the shoot logs and the address of the abandoned studio "A" that Allison Quivers visited before she disappeared.
Lady Lovelace heads to studio A to await Nylonika's arrival. Nylonika calls O-girl to tell her what's she's learned about Alison Quivers and warns O-girl that the shoot logs she discovered show that Debra Walsh's last shoot was at the stocking factory O-girl is about to enter. O-girl enters and is ambushed by Lauren (Darling), one of Lady Lovelace's girls. Lauren throws a large mesh bag over O-girl and it immediately begins to shrink. Within seconds O-girl is trapped in the quickly tightening bag. She is informed that the bag is made of Strangle-Mesh, a diabolical invention of Lady Lovelace's that tightens the more she struggles.
As O-girl struggles in the slowly tightening mesh, Lauren calls Lady Lovelace at studio A to tell her she has caught O-girl and asks for advice. Lady Lovelace tells her to tie her in sheer-tex stockings - the same fiendish nylons that had Debra Walsh. Lauren happily follows out her instructions and informs O-girl that she is tied in sheer-tex stockings that slowly shrink when they come in contact with a struggling human body. She bids O-girl farewell and tells her that she is heading over to studio A to help Lady Lovelace take care of Nylonika. Can O-girl escape the stockings and save Nylonika?!!!

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