male domination

  1. S

    Misstress magda

    Hello slaves I am a dominant sadistic Mistress looking for male slaves. And that is slave as in being owned and not just something you like to do 5 minutes a day. Boys, if you are not sure this is probably not for you. I am pretty strict, so if you don't like the idea of having no freedom...
  2. E

    F24 looking for dominant Skype male for my submissive M21

    I'm a Mistress looking for some dominant men who might be intrested in skyping my 21 year old male slave. I've owned him for about a month now and after his recent disobedience I've decided I'd like to start training him to be my cuck sex slave. I want to start training by making him uses his...
  3. JS69

    BDSM Torture Movies Collection

    Queens Of The Lash Genre: BDSM, Fetish, Domination - M on F, Spanking An unbelievably erotic display of superb beauty and exquisite torment. There has never been such a spectacular collection of exotic whipping scenes available anywhere in the world before this. Harem slave beauties, ripe...